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May 19, 2010
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The Death of Jadealis Braun by Aphrodite-NS The Death of Jadealis Braun by Aphrodite-NS
Azra'dite cursed as she heard the words "Is it OK if Melkin comes with?" spoken over her comm unit from Sister Jadealis. She spoke back the words "If he must" with as much disapproval upon her voice as she could muster. She wanted Jadealis to hear without a doubt that her Clan Mother did not approve of her new companion. The conversation ended there. Azra'dite closed her eyes and took a deep breath, reaching out with the force she could feel they were both very near. She opened her eyes as she exhaled focusing herself on what she was about to do.

She sat the comm unit on her desk next to a large fang from a beast of her native Dathomir. She gripped the large tooth firmly in her hand admiring its polished finish. To the unknowing it was just a large tooth, but to those who had seen Azra'dite wield it knew it was much more. It was her custom lightsaber. She had chosen a tooth of a large spined rancor of Dathomir to be her lightsaber's hilt. A far cry from the metal housing that Jedi or Sith usually chose for their lightsabers. She was neither, and she wished to be nothing like them. She had studied many of their ways, and learned some of their abilities. But she found no use for their narrow minded and outdated philosophies. Calmly she hung the saber from the belt as she heard the doors of the turbolift outside her library door open.

Azra'dite finished rounding her desk as Sister Jadealis and Melkin Antross entered her library. A library she kept mostly to herself. Only a handful had access to it, and none of them were around to interrupt or to interfere with what Azra'dite had to do. Of course the unexpected now stood in front of her in the form of Melkin Antross. She did not fear him, let alone as see him as a true threat to her life. She knew he could ruin everything she had set into play for the night, and that it would be Jadealis who would suffer most because of it.

They exchanged forced pleasantries, Melkin trying his best to use his charm to win over a suspicious Azra'dite, with Azra'dite trying her best not to reach out with her mind to break his next as he dared to look upon her as if she was yet another notch in his headboard waiting to happen. With a effort Azra'dite forced the sight of Melkin from her field of view as she spoke to Jadealis calmly telling her a tale of long ago when she helped to transfer the life force of another into a crystal and how she planned to use a similar technique to restore Jadealis lost life force. It was a lie, one she knew "The Diviner" could possibly sense in the future were she not already terribly weakened by what *he who shall not be named* had done to her when he abandoned her.

With a wave of her hand she gestured to a side room of her library, with a gentle nudge in the force Azra'dite caused Jadealis to pause in taking the first step towards the room Instead she ended up following Melkin into the room as he sought to fulfill his usual roll as the big bad strong male who thought that by leading the way he would protect the frail women who knelt eagerly before him in anticipation of his clau. Azra'dite and Jadealis of course were not these type of women, but Azra'dite wondered to herself how long it would be until they each added each other to their list of "conquests". Her stomach churned on that thought.

She heard them each gasp as they entered the room only to be greeted by a series of six cloning tanks. The six figures, two Twi'leks and four humans floated weightlessly in the nutrient baths that filled the tanks. Their opened eyes presented a haughtily eerie sight as it appeared that no matter where in the room you went they followed. A chill of danger travelled the length of Azra'dites spine as she felt the shock in Melkin and Jadealis as they stared upon the cloned figures before them. Silently Azra'dite grabbed the large tooth, her lightsaber that hung from her belt. She ran her finger over its activation stub as her eyes focused hard on the figure before her. And then without warning she activated the lightsabers blade.

She watched as the sabers pink blade came to life. Time seemed to slow down as the blade grew in length piercing Jadealis in the back cutting her spine in half severing her spinal cord before its tip exploded from her chest. Any normal person would of died almost instantly from such a attack as the blades path would normally of passed through the victims heart in the process of the strike. But Jadealis was not normal, she possessed no heart. But with her spine severed she was no longer a threat to stop Azra'dite as she drew the blade back and stabbed Jadealis two more times from the behind. Once in each lung.

The attack was so quick, that it was over before Melkin had even finished spinning around a mixed look of terror and anger upon his face as his brothers former wife crumpled to the ground before his very eyes. Azra'dite stepped back but kept her saber lit in anticipation of Melkins expected attack. But the attack never came. Melkin took Jadealis into his arms and tried to comfort her as she drown in the blood that was filling her lungs. She tried to speak, yet no words came. The fear in her eyes said more than any words could ever say as she took her final pained breath and died in his arms.
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